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Blonde d'Aquitaine

The project

The project
Promoting a European excellence
“Blonde d’Aquitaine: European Beef Excellence” is the continuation of the three-year project (2020 - March 2023) of information and promotion of the same name, co-financed by the European Union and managed by Asprocarne Piemonte and France Blonde d’Aquitaine Sélection. It will last until 31st March 2026. Its main aim is to improve the awareness of the Blonde d’Aquitaine beef cattle breed among European consumers and business operators, more specifically in France and in Italy. The Blonde d’Aquitaine is an excellence of European farming and is synonymous of quality, tradition, environmental and social sustainability, food safety, and animal welfare. These characteristics are certified through Sistema di Qualità Nazionale in Zootecnia (National Quality Scheme applied to Zootechnics – SQNZ) in Italy and through various Labels Rouges (Boeuf Blond d’Aquitaine, Boeuf Excellence, Boeuf de nos Prés) in France.
The project
The objectives
- Make the European audience acquainted with the Blonde d’Aquitaine and its physical and organoleptic properties
- Enhance the consumption of Blonde d’Aquitaine meat

This project also aims at:
- Improving the awareness of the European audience on the merits of Union agricultural products and its high production standards
- Increase the competitiveness and consumption of an excellent representative of the European agri-food sector, thus raising its profile within the Union

Asprocarne Piemonte

Asprocarne Piemonte is an Italian Organisation of beef cattle producers operating across the whole Piedmont region. Founded in 1985 on the basis of specific Union regulations, the following year it was officially recognised by Regione Piemonte. Today Asprocarne has about 500 associate members who farm over 130.000 animals of both Italian and foreign breeds representing 25% of the regional production. The Organisation’s mission is to improve, promote, enhance and market the beef products produced by its associate farmers. In other words, Asprocarne is a mediator between the market and beef producers in Piedmont.

France Blonde D'Aquitaine Sélection

Based in Agen (Nouvelle-Aquitaine region), France Blonde d’Aquitaine Sélection is a French association appointed by the Ministry of Agriculture to genetically select Blonde d’Aquitaine cattle in order to improve the inner qualities of the breed, its morphology and its carcass yield.

Moreover, it is in charge of keeping the Blonde d’Aquitaine Herd Book, certifying selected breading animals, and guaranteeing farmers’ general interests by organising specific events and implementing promotional activities across the whole territory.


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